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An introduction

Introduction by Editor

Rwala Attribution

Complete and verified
Rwala Attribution
And the pillars of flowing
and the names of fathers

Rwala Clans 

Full statement of all clans
From the helmets of the five Rwala tribe
With plants with the names of fathers
The origins and branches of each clan

Rwala Homeland 

Houses and housing tribe
In the south of Badiat Sham
And North Arabia
Houses, dwellings and residences

Rwala Cities 

Cities inhabited by the tribe of Rwala
As well as villages, towns and districts
Where the Rula tribe is located

Rwala History 

 Pages from the history of the tribe of Rwala
Events, biography, and news
Historic of the Rwala tribe


Rwala Pages 

 Something from the writings
Writings and blogs
Orientalists and Western researchers
About the tribe of Rwala

Rwala Parties 

Photo coverings and records
For public and private



Publisher Of Manners

And Customs

Of the Rwala Bedouins



American Geographical

Society |Since 1851








American Geographical Socity website Here




Photos of Some Personalities

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 1

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 2

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 3

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 4

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 5

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 6

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 7 -

Photo Gallery - Characters - Part 8 -


Photos of the tribe of Rwala

Photo Gallery - Part 1

Photo Gallery - Part 2

Photo Gallery - Part 3

Photo Gallery - Part 4

Photo Gallery - Part 5

Photo Gallery - Part 6

Photo Gallery - Part 7


Page Account in Twitter Publishing station




Various recordings of the Rwala tribe

Video Gallery - Part 1 

Video Gallery - Part 2

Video Gallery - Part 3

Video Gallery - Part 4


The art of Dahhah .. When the tribe of Roula


Learn about folk art "Dahhah" in the Rwala tribe 


 a glimpse of the roulette at the marriage ceremony turaif City  Click here


Download Book
Arab Rwala tribe
Definition, proportions,
history, houses and personalities
by Majid Sawi
from here


WebSite from the Rwala Tribe

the tribe of Rwala Official Website

 The official WebSite of the tribe of Rwala

Al-Olya Newspaper

Al-Olya Newspaper Websiteة

Rwala Channel

Rwala Tube Channel

Rwala Forsan Association Channel

Rwala Forsan Association Channel

Rwala Forsan Association Page



Majid Sawi
rwala tribe page
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
9238 - Abu Firas al-Hamdani Salhiya - Arar

Or via email


Association of Poets of the tribe of Rwala






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Written by Editor
These pages are not intended to harm any Arab tribe
We respect and appreciate all Arab tribes Qahtaniha and Adnanani
The aim is to introduce the Arab Roula tribe to those who do not know it
According to the Almighty said "and made you peoples and tribes to oppose that I Akramkm with God Ikakm"
.. And the God of the intent behind ,,